In the Southern Vosges Mountains..

Bitters and aperitifs

Our wide range of aperitifs offers everything you need for those special moments with family or friends. With fruity, aniseed or bitter flavours, there is truly something for everyone.

2 bitters : Birabelle & Birsapin

Our 2 bitters have in common gentian, cinchona and orange notes. Birabelle develops fruity flavors thanks to the Mirabelle de Lorraine brandy, while Birsapin highlights the vegetal notes of fir from the Vosges mountains.
Pour 1 to 2 cl in a beer glass. Complete with a chilled blond beer.


An aperitif that is 100% local and 100% delicious! Our Guignolet-Kirsch is made with Kirsch de Fougerolles AOC and several cherry varieties including hand-picked Fougerolles black cherries. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll keep coming back for more!
It is best enjoyed neat, chilled and with no ice.

La Gentiane à Paul®

“Its grit comes from the land. Refined by our hand.” A unique blend of gentian eau-de-vie and gentian root infusion gives our aperitif its unique flavour that lingers in the mouth. Awarded the gold medal at the Paris Concours Général Agricole on numerous occasions.
It is best enjoyed neat, well-chilled and with no ice.

Blue Roy® Pastis bleu

This disarmingly eye-catching beverage is like a typical Marseille pastis, but made in Fougerolles. It boasts the inimitable flavour of a classic pastis. What's different is its striking colour, but does it owe this to the blue line of the Vosges Mountains or the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea?
Best enjoyed with 4 measures of well-chilled water.


Star anise and green anise share the honours for this typically Mediterranean aperitif. The perfect white anisette for a refreshing aperitif.
Best enjoyed neat or with water and ice. Kosher for Passover certified.

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